Moncef Zizi

Mr. Zizi is the founder and Managing partner at Moka, a technology and strategy advisory agency headquartered in New-York City. At Moka, Mr. Zizi advises a wide range of clients such as start-ups on their product strategies, technology investors and traditional consumer and retail clients on their strategy.

Mr. Zizi was previously founder and CEO of Whisp, a fashion ecommerce platform featured on Forbes and the Apple Store. He was responsible for overseeing all elements of building the venture including defining the production direction, design (UI/UX), development, branding, marketing, team building, and financing.

Prior to Whisp, Mr. Zizi was a senior manager in the New York and Paris offices of McKinsey & Company, where he advised Fortune 500 consumer brands, manufacturing and retails clients across strategy, marketing & sales and pricing. Additionally, he advised the leading private equity firms in deal assessment, portfolio management, and sector strategy.

Mr. Zizi, a native of Morocco and long-time Parisian, now resides in Manhattan with his wife. He holds a Masters of Science in Civil Engineering from École des Ponts, ParisTech.

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