Chafik Sabry

Experienced CEO, mentor, coach, jury and speaker

Chafik SABIRY is an accomplished CEO leading an IT company of 1,300 employees in Morocco.

Chafik is also a leader who loves to peer over the horizon, he derives a jolt of energy whenever a new idea occurs. He is very engaged in entrepreneurship eco-system in the region and brings help to young entrepreneurs at early stages (ideation, client validation ) as well as confirmed entrepreneurs (growth and scale up) by bringing smart capital.

Back in 2007, Chafik was the initiator of HP CDG IT services project, one of the most successful joint-ventures between a US company and a Moroccan institution. Since then, Chafik has led HP CDG throughout different growth phases – from a startup in 2007 to the leader of IT industry in the country in 2014. HP CDG counts today among the best places to work and has definitely a high impact in terms of employment.

For his efforts, Chafik is recognized by the industry and is frequently asked to speak or moderate panels in national or international events dealing with IT sector, Innovation, Cloud or big data.

Entrepreneurship is a passion for Chafik. He is a big believer that Entrepreneurship is a serious alternative to employment for graduates and a must for a comprehensive economic model at country level. He volunteers as coach and dedicates a significant portion of his time to mentoring other entrepreneurs and small businesses owners to launch and grow new business ventures. Chafik is skilled to help in revenue generation topics and thus turn great ideas into profitable businesses.

Chafik SABIRY works with different NGO to promote Entrepreneurship in Morocco and serves as coach and mentor : Education – Startup Weekend (Kauffman foundation); Early stage – Startup Cup (Kauffman foundation); Seed funding – Réseaux Entreprendre Rabat; Growth – CEED; Scale Up – Endeavor.